At YouthWorks, we offer an innovative alternative education program that addresses the problems facing high school dropouts to help them transition to higher education and meaningful work.

All the young people participating at YouthWorks undergo an initial assessment to determine their educational needs. Those who have not graduated from high school are required to take coursework in preparation for earning a GED.

Young people study at ¡YouthWorks!

Classroom Instruction and More

YouthWorks does not, however, simply provide classroom instruction—we weave together the all elements necessary to help our young people succeed—counseling, education, skill building, and job training.

We offer our youth instruction to learn study skills, decision-making, stress management, conflict resolution, team-building, financial literacy, and other practical life skills.

Moving to Meaningful Work

Our alternative education program starts our young people on the right path to develop good work habits, prepare to earn their GEDs, and then further their education and move into meaningful work.

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